Force WITHIN Year 2

Take it to the next level.  Each child gets to use a light-up sound activated FX Saber and wear a robe. All kids learn how to wield and spin their special FX saber like in the movies.  All sabers have several settings and flash on the clash sound effects.  Join Master Obi-Kai Kenobi for an action pack saber training adventure.

Ages  8-11 years     Price $240

This party has a more physical training aspect and less character content and Magic.  After years of experience. It makes for a better party at this age!

limit of 12 kids due to spacing and attention that each child needs.

What You Get

  • A grand entrance to the Jedi theme music.
  • Introduction and Safety.
  • Receiving the Jedi robe!
  • Ancient poses to help build the force.
  • Jumping like a Master Elimination game.
  • Nerf Dart deflection training. Get ready to duck and dodge!
  • Receiving their light up FX Saber with sound.
  • FX Saber spinning moves and blocks.
  • FX Saber battle routine.
  • Ambush final mission.
  • The Grand Finale! One on one with Obi-Kai.
  • Action-pose farewell photo-shoot opportunity.
  • Foam Sabers for each child to keep,  allowing the fun to continue!!!


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Can be done at around dusk or night as well!

Boys night out, 4.10.15 101 (3)nightsaber

Each basic party includes 10 lightsabers to keep and a special treasure for every child. Basic package accommodates 10 kids. There is a charge of $5.00 for each additional child past 10 kids. For bigger groups or special requests please call or email for rates. A travel fee may incur depending on the location of the party.


All Characters are Generic:
We wish to express it is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. All characters are generic costumes and are not affilated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark.