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Star Wars Decoration Ideas

Some parents often want to add to the party by decorating for a Star Wars themed party . Here are some ideas that I have come across in my travels.

If buying balloons Consider buying white and black balloons to signify the dark and light side of the force.Deathstarwatermellon

If there is going to be a food table consider making labels for each item like, Ewok treats, Jedi juice, Wookie water, Han burgers, Corellian cakes, Yoda Soda, Leia’s buns, PanawanimagesCA9ISGFJ popcorn, Pizza the Hut, Chewbacca chips and Vadder Veggies.

Some easy signs to make on your door. “Welcome to Jedi Training”  “Enter and Join us in a galaxy far far away” “ Welcome to Jessy’s birthday invited to come in you are”

Other signs you can consider making. “Jedi Nutritional Support Area”  “Jedi Council Parking”

“Lightsaber training area”   “Dogobah Training Facility” “X-wing Landing Area”

Party Bazzar in Vancouver and Langley have lots of Star Wars supplies like cups,plates and napkins.

I have also noticed they have Darth Vader piñata heads and lifesize cut outs of a few Star Wars characters.  It’s best to call them first to see what items they currently have in stock.



Harry Potter Decorations

White balloons are popular for Hogwarts parties. You can draw an owls face on them with a black marker for a neat effect.hogwartsowls

Food item labels you may consider: snitch truffles, chocolate frogs, cauldron cakes, Licorice wands, Flubberworm juice, Pumpkin juice, Potter pizza, Hagrid’s garden veggies.

Creating a paper brick wall with a slit down the middle with a sign saying “Platform 9 ¾” always makes for a neat entrance.371-Platform-9-3-4[1]

If you are really ambitious you can tie little LED votive candles to a fishing line and hang them across your living room to make the Great Hall. Most dollar stores have both these items. I did this for my daughter’s birthday and it has a beautiful effect.  Another quicker way to do this is to just pin up a bunch of foot long white steamers all over your roof and have them drape down .


Old books, candles, spider webs, old fashioned brooms and potion bottles all make really good decorations. During the Halloween season all these can be found quite easy.


Instead of goodie bags try giving each child a small animal stuffy to keep as their Hogwarts animal! Dragons, cats and owls super popular!

I hope this helps for themed birthday you chose to have, there is plenty of other ideas online. These are mainly the most popular I’ve seen.

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