Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you perform your shows?

I fly to where you are. It can be your home, a recreation center, a complex activity room, a park(weather permitting), a daycare or a school.

I have a five year old, we he/she be scared of Darth?

It is very rare, kids are quick to see Darth is holding a foam lightsaber. Even the most timid kids have had a lightsaber battle with Darth and the mom has written back to me saying that it was nice to see him come out of his shell and it helped his confidence.   If I ever sense a child is uncomfortable with something I always say to them “just say no thank you, if you don’t want to do something.”

What happens when more kids show then planned?

No problem. I always bring 4 to 5 extra of everything when I can, just in case.

What kind of space do you need for your shows?

I’ve done Jedi shows in large parks to small 12 x 15 living rooms and they both work great. Activity rooms, common rooms, recreation center rooms, parks or backyards work the best for Jedi shows, a living room works fine too. Sometimes bigger isn’t better, a gymnasium can be difficult as kids associated it with unstructured run around time.

Hogwarts parties work great in activity rooms, common rooms, living rooms and very well in dimly lit basements with LED candles.

Potion parties need water so your home, common rooms or activity rooms are best for this show. We need an adequate size table or kitchen counter to create potions. We bring the table cloth and laboratory equipment.

Wizard shows work well in activity, common, recreation centers and living rooms.

How soon should I contact you to secure a party date?

The sooner the better!  I do book shows anywhere up to 12 months in advanced and on the rare occasion days before the party. It is most common people contact me 2-3 months prior to the party. You can call, email or even text me !

How long will you hold my party date and/or time before I must decide or book?

I will reserve a date and time for a party for up to 72 hours so you can make venue or other arrangements.

 I have ideas about adding to the party?

I am always open to new ideas to make the special day even more special! I encourage moms or dads to dress up and be apart of the adventure.

Do you do any shows for adults?  Example: dinner parties.

Cauldron Creations has an adult version called Cauldron Creations and Cocktails. Please contact the Potions professor for more details.  778-846-2654

Do you have any other characters?

Leia is available she helps train the kids throughout the entire party and battles Darth at the end with the Jedi. It’s $120 to add the Leia actor to any Star Wars party.



I want to book a certain copy written character?

Should you have the need for a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, we encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specific targeted character. In addition, we only accept bookings from individuals that are aware that we do not represent any licensed characters.

Thank you for your time, effort and energy in reading this document.


Marty Carew

Phone 778-846-9400