“Dylan’s birthday, couldn’t have been more complete.  Marty was hands on.  Very entertaining, “Magical” and most of Darth young wizards academyall…FUN!  The  look on my son’s face and the other kids as well, when the Magic was happening, was all I needed to see to know I made the right choice.  …Even the girls had a blast. We also had two children who are special needs and (Jedi Master) Marty, was very attentive to them as well.  We had a total of 13 kids and they all had an AWESOME TIME!!!  The foam light sabers are an amazing way for the kids to unleash their sillies.   They fought-on for another hour after Marty left.  I was surprisingly and completely satisfied.  I’m attaching my phone# 604-700-5427 as a reference. Please feel free to call…And NO, I’m not related.  It was a pleasure to meet you Marty and thanks for making my boys 7th very special.  It was a beautiful day at Cates Park”.

Jason S  – North Vancouver


Marty made our son’s sixth birthday an absolutely unforgettable experience.  Days later, he still talks about how this was the best party ever! Arriving as Master Jedi Obi-Kai, Marty truly practiced what he preached…a deep focus and calmness, despite the exploding energy of ten VERY active padawans at the start of the party.  He engaged the boys with a physicality that matched their own, magical hands-on experiences, as well as a blend of humour and imagination in the stories he shared. The children and parents alike were mesmerized by his acts and activities that had us all believing in the power within ourselves.  Thank you Marty, we will definitely be recommending you to family and friends.

-Tami, North Vancouver


“Absolutely fabulous!!! Thank you, Jedi Velora, for training our 6 year old and his fellow padawans. It was engaging, fun, and absolutely magical!!! We will most definitely be in touch with the academy in the future!!! Heartfelt thanks”      Gwilyn T


“The most imagination filled hour ever spent!  The kids walked through a magical adventure, battled a dragon, used magicyoung wizards academy wands and even got a treasure at the end . Keiran was beaming with excitement while telling his dad all about his journey with the wizard and then spent the rest of the day zapping all sorts of imaginary creatures!”

Natasha R – Port Coquitlam


“Thank you for taking time to host Ethan’s party. It was a hot day. Thank your for your hard work. Ethan tells me his favorite was the light sabers and the special gem.  It was a quiet group, but you were able to break some ice and after that they really went for it.  All the moms said it was a great party and Ethan was humming the Darth Vader song today.  It definitely helped the friends bond more and I feel after defeating Darth Vader Ethan seems to be more confident in himself. He mentioned he likes the one-on-one battle with DV. There was good imaginative play and when my lighter didn’t work for the cake candles we used your idea with the force to pretend and it worked out nicely.  The kids were entertained and the moms had a good show with our kids starring in it!”

Doris L  – Burnaby         Video of this party on Final Battle page.


“A wonderful show that captures the imagination. My daughter still plays with her wand regularly ! I recommend Young Wizards Academy for kids of all Ages!”

-Nicole G – Port Coquitlam


“My son was lucky enough to enjoy all the parties. He Loved them all and was very engaged. Marty is great with kids and he knows exactly what type of adventure story is going to keep them intrigued and entertained. Not only do they get to listen to the story they get to dress up and have wands/lightsabers of their own. It’s like they are actually on there own adventure. My son is a true Star Wars fan so he really enjoyed the feeling the force within show. He was so into it and listening carefully that he never expected to turn around and see the true Darth Vader behind him. He was so shocked and excited. They all enjoyed their light saber and the really cool thing was they got to take it home with them so they could remember their adventure. My son talked about it for days. I thought the parties were very well done and very entertaining. I really enjoyed them. See you in September Marty for Ayden’s next party”.

Amanda H – Port Coquitlam


“Thank you again so much for yesterday!!  You did a fabulous job and the boys couldn’t stop talking about it.  One tried to use the force to pick up his mom but she told him to try something smaller.  He tried it on a leaf and at the same time the wind picked it up…he was so impressed with himself☺️. Little Callum was so excited about shattering the light bulb and when I sent him the video he told his mom to keep it forever and ever.  It really was worth all the time and effort just to see the boys really get into it.  It is something they’ll always remember and they are at a perfect age because it’s all so real to them.  Thank you again very much!”

Lisa F  – Port Coquitlam


The girls had a great time and several parents asked about your parties so I’ll send them your website information.  The little girls fought over your business cards, it was pretty funny.  Thank you so much for coming, it took a lot of pressure off me and they had a wonderful time.  The only downside I can see is, what will I do next year for her birthday to top this?  Thanks again,

Tracey O – Coquitlam


“I am so glad I hired Marty for a recent birthday party!  The kids had a blast. The parents were impressed. Marty and his group are truly professionals and have exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be bringing Marty back next year.”

C. Jack –  Pitt Meadows



“Thanks Marty for doing such an amazing job today. My sons Jedi party was such a hit! You kept all the kids completely engaged the entire time and that was no easy feat, there were 15 boys and girls from 5-10 years old. Everyone had such a fun time learning the ways of the Jedi, using the force and having light sabre battles. The most amazing thing was how quiet and attentive they were the whole time. I definitely recommend booking a party with Young Wizards Academy to anyone thinking of it. Marty puts on a great show.”

Kelsey G – Surrey


“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, I’m so glad we found u! It was his best birthday yet!  You definitely bring the force to the party.  We will be contacting you again for our other son’s party.”

Sonia N –  Richmond



“What an amazing Harry Potter themed birthday for my 6 year old son, and the most amazing and unique part was Marty! The kids were always engaged and loved every minute of it! It was remarkable to see how he was able to have their attention focus on every little aspect of Hogwarts Wizard School! The kids enjoyed it all! And what needs to be mentioned is how wonderful Marty was when a child was a little shy, he acknowledged that the child could join in whenever he/she felt ready; I appreciated the compassion and the warmth. Job well done and I would highly recommend Marty :)”

Lisa C  –  Port Coquitlam


“Thank you!   Lena and the kids all had fun. It was active and high energy, and I think the kids really loved that they could keep the lightsabers! Great fun for our Star Wars fan!  Thanks again!”

Geoff S  –  Vancouverunnamed


“The Young Wizards Academy did an extraordinary job bringing Harry Potter’s world to life for the kids. They truly lit the party on fire with children’s magical dreams becoming a reality. They were punctual, professional and efficient. They managed to keep a rambunctious group of kids totally engaged and took care of all prep and mess. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the wonder on my son’s face”

Brenna D –  Port Coquitlam


“Marty did a fabulous Jedi Party for my son’s 4th Birthday party. He had them captivated for the entire party!  He was ama…zing with all the kids and everyone had a blast. It was great that he has the ability to adapt his show to different ages and I would fully recommend him for any party. I hope to have the opportunity to hire him again to entertain us! Wonderful memories were created for us and we thank you !”

Shannon P – Maple Ridge


” William and his friends had a fantastic time. I have heard back from a number of parents and all of their children are trying to use the force to move things at home. William went to church tonight and told father about shattering the light bulb and how powerful he is.  Thank you for making William’s day memorable! ”

Andrea S – Port Coquitlam


“Thanks to Marty for making my sons dream of becoming a Jedi for his 5th birthday party come true! All 11 kids at the party had a fantastic time and were exhausted from learning the ways of the force. Marty does such a fabulous job of keeping them engaged and entertained the entire time. Smiles all around from this party! My son is already asking if he can Learn to be a Wizard next year. ;o) Highly Recommended!”

Shelley V – Coquitlam



“Thank you Marty for the best party ever!  My 6 year old still talks about his “epic” birthday party a month ago.  Marty was like the pied piper with his magic, he kept all the kids engaged!  Parents at the party were amazed the way he kept all the kids enthused, even the ones who were apprehensive and shy.  Thank you Marty for the best party my son has had.”

Sarah H –   North Vancouver


“The kids said the party was awesome. Parents were telling me how much fun their kids had, I definitely recommend your business. Thank you for you and your partner for making this birthday a memorable one!!”

Melanie S – Port Moody     Potions Party


“The kids has a wonderful time you did a great job. I have a feeling we’ll be doing another magical theme next year.  Thank you. Keep up the awesomeness!”

Stella T  –  Maple Ridge   Lord of the Rings Party


“Marty, Thank you again for a wonderful party for our son’s 7th birthday! It was an amazing Jedi training academy and all the kids and parents alike enjoyed a lot the whole magic in the process. We had a group of 15 kids, their age ranging from 4 to 12, so not an easy bunch! You managed to get their attention and keep them focused right away, and you were so entertaining and fun! The kids still talk about the party and they believed in their inner force and even practiced it later at home trying to move small objects around. Thank you for making this special day so wonderful and entertaining! We are looking forward to having you again and we would definitely recommend your parties to parents and friends!”

Svetla, Vancouver


“Thank you so much Marty for doing such an amazing job at Ranak’s birthday party!! All the kids had such a great time. The kids age group ranged from 1 to 7 yrs old and you managed to keep them all entertained the entire time! Even the adults had a blast. Highly recommended”

S. Dhudwal, Langley



“Our 5-year old son was hoping for a Star Wars birthday and thanks to Young Wizards Academy, we threw an amazing and memorable party for him and his friends! The kids had so much fun with the Jedi Master, learning how to use the force and getting prepared for an epic battle with Darth! It was truly magical for the parents to see their kids embark on the journey to becoming jedis – rising to the challenges and believing that they could defeat the Dark Side! The experience exceeded our expectations. We look forward to doing it again….and again!”

Magen L  –  Vancouver


“Wow. What a party! The kids were completely entertained by every activity. Even the kids that had never read or seen Harry Potter were caught up in the magic. I would highly recommend the Potions Party to any parents looking to give their child the ultimate Hogwarts experience. As our littlest party guest said – “This was the best birthday party EVER!” What more could I add to that?”

Kelly Duran – Vancouver Top 30 mom blogger


“Thank you! What a great Jedi party we had for our daughter’s 7th birthday!! All six girls absolutely loved it and were squeeling in delight and amazement. They were so excited, I don’t know if Marty had ever delt with such giggly Jedis! Marty was more than great, he made them laugh, made them move around, even in our tiny living room, then outside on a mission, and the most touching is that he did wonders with the one girl who was scared and he got her to really enjoy the fun. Our daughter asked to have the same party next year! This says it all!!!!” Thank you!

Andree R – Surrey


“I wanted to thank Marty for such an amazing party he put on our son’s 7th birthday. He managed to keep 11 kids ranging from 3yrs to 7yrs entertained, engaged and in awe!! Truly the best party idea…the parents loved it as much as the kids. An absolute ‘must do’ … ”

Kevin S –  N. Vancouver


“The best and EASIEST birthday party I’ve ever hosted. As a busy mom, I couldn’t have wished for more. The kids were amazed learning to use ‘The Force’ and had so much fun practicing to be Jedi’s. Marty is great with the kids (and funny too)!

Karri S Vancouver


“Marty incoprated a Minecraft theme to his performance at my son’s birthday party.  Marty has an natural talent to engage and capture the childrens’ imagination.  The kids had so much fun, as did the parents seeing the joy in their little faces.  I would highly recommend Marty to your child’s special event”

P.Chong  Burnaby



“We just did the Harry Potter party for my son’s 8 th birthday and it was a hit with the kids. Many said it was the best party they ever went to. Marty kept these normally fidgety kids engaged the whole hour and so focussed. My house is tiny but he made it work no problem. Aside from my son, most of the kids hadn’t read or seen Harry potter but now they are very eager to. I would definitely hire Marty again. He made my son’s birthday truly magical. My son says it was the best birthday party ever!”

Irene M –  Surrey


“My son’s birthday was a hit with obi-kai kenobi!!! He was awesome and really got the kids involved. Even the parents had a great time watching his show. Very proffesional. Thank you so much for a memorable party”

Perez J –  Surrey


We had the pleasure of having Jedi Velora entertain for my sons fifth birthday party this past weekend. 2 days later and he is still making squinty eyes trying to use the Force to move objects. One of the guests ran up to her mom afterward and told her she met a REAL Jedi. I highly recommend these guys. They are pros and worth every penny. We will definitely hire them again!

Stephanie S – New Westminister


Had my son’s 5th birthday and it was fabulous! The final battle with Darth Vader party package was fantastic. The kids and adults loved the entertainment and professionalism. Thanks for a great event. Worth every penny! Highly recommended.

Tu-Anh L – Surrey


“Thanks again for a wonderful Star Wars Action Packed Birthday! My daughter and her friends had image3the best time! Jedi Velora and her Team were engaging, exciting and so much fun. The children were amazed by the Power of the Force and Jedi Velora them the tools to be able to fight the Darth Vader and the dark side. She kept the children’s attention for so long – Jedi Velora actually had magic, she was well spoken and so interesting to watch – this kept every child astonished. Well done!  I would recommend them 100%.  The only thing I would have changed is ensuring that children come on time so they don’t miss a second of this interactive show, it was truly unforgettable. ”

Angela  C  – Vancouver