Brave : Warrior Princess


Brave Warrior Princess  75 min

Ages 5 to 8 years

New Party $240


Get ready for a wildly fun adventure with Marida, Highland Warrior Princess!  Let her teach you the art of shooting a bow (Trainer Bow)  and also wield a sword (foam) in this full on action adventure party.. Marida will lead the group on top secret missions and teach you what it means to be a highland warrior princess.  Be ready to see how brave your child can be!

What You Get

  • Grand Entrance of Merida Highland Warrior Princess.
  • Learning the Medieval cheer.
  • Real Bow and training arrow introduction.
  • Shooting a real training arrow for the first time into a net!
  • Becoming knighted as a warrior princess and receiving your sword. (foam)
  • Group sword training moves.
  • The ancient art of sword target practice. (Bubble popping)
  • Going on a top secret mission to protect the castle.
  • Action group and individual photos shoot!

Marida brings all the bows, training arrows, tunics, swords and fun.  Each child gets to keep their sword at the end of the party as a keep sake.