Policies and Procedures



Payment is welcome in cash or cheque payable to Young Wizards Academy, and is due on the date of the party. For events, payment can be made on the date of the event, or mailed within 30 days of the event.


You may cancel a party or event up to two weeks prior with no cost. Within two weeks, 50% of the total payment is due.


You may postpone a party or event booking to another day, for no added fee up to two weeks prior to the party/event, and for a $50 administration fee within two weeks.

Returned Cheques

There will be a $20 fee for returned cheques.

Last minute booking within 7 days

All last minute bookings (made within 7 days of your party date) will be charged at the regular price rate.

Emergency/Sickness/Inclement weather

Although we will make every effort to come to your party, in the event of extreme weather conditions, sickness, or an emergency situation we may not be able to. In this event, we reserve the right to reschedule the party for another day.


The costumes we provide for the children are high quality, which helps to add to the magic of the day. We wish to preserve them so that many children can enjoy them and our costs are kept at a reasonable level. Where costumes are provided for the children’s use during a party, we ask that you do not serve meals while children are wearing them. Please note that if these guidelines are not followed and a costume becomes no longer usable, you will be charged for the replacement value.


Thank you for your understanding – The Wizards