Wizard of Hogwarts – Chamber of Treasure – 60 min

hogwartsparty Ages 4-8 yrs   boys and girls Cost: $300   Special $260

The special effects involved in this party are best seen indoors. 

Take a quest on a magic journey to the original world of spells, professors and castles. Experience sitting under the sorting hat as it comes to life and speaks directly to you!  Have you always wondered what house you would be in?  Will it be Gryffindor, Ravenclaw maybe Hufflepuff or will it be Slytherin? Wear the unique robe of your house and receive the custom made wand to match.  Meet Marty McGonagall a professor in wand defense & engagement. Dare to go on an adventure deep within Hogwarts where unique creatures lurk around every corner. Will the birthday child have the ability to unlock the power that lies deep within Hogwarts? Parents are reminded that first years are not allowed their own flying broomsticks!

What You Get

  • A musical grand entrance. Harry Potter theme.
  • Meeting Professor McGonagall of Hogwarts.
  • A wizardly display of magic, illusions, and levitation.
  • The Sorting Hat assignments.    Yes it talks!
  • Receive the robe of your house and your custom made wand.IMG_771x2
  • Hogwarts lightning scar tattoo.
  • Have you seen this Wizard!   Action Photo stand.
  • Wand and spell targeting practice class.  Get ready to shoot your wand!
  • Capturing live Cornish pixies wand shooting.
  • Highly interactive quest to the hidden castle chambers.
  • The Grand Finale!  What kind of lightshow will happen with the groups new found powers.
  • Action-pose farewell photo-shoot opportunity!
Each party includes 10 custom made wands, lightning bolt tattoo, a special treasure for every child. Basic party accommodates 10 kids. There is a charge of $5.00 for each child after 10 kids. For additional children or special requests please call for rates. A travel fee may incur depending on birthday location. 
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