Jedi-The Final Battle  -75min

Ages 4-9 yrs boys and girls


Cost- $425

Video below

You receive everything in the” Jedi- Finding The Force Within” package!

The new Jedi’s have had a powerful training session and are now prepared to go into battle. Hear the story of Emperor Darth.  Watch the children’s eyes pop out and mouths drop open when Darth enters the room with the Imperial March theme song.  Led by Obi-Kai and the birthday child the group begins an epic lightsaber battle. Watch as the Jedi’s force becomes too strong for Darth and the evil emperor falls where he stands. Darth eventually decides to give in and stays for photos and to give each child a one on one chance to have a saber duel with him.  Your Jedi Training Birthday Party will absolutely be talked about for years to come!  Available for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Both Female and Male Darth actors are available upon request but subject to availability.


K-Ren available too !


R2D2 IMG_3751princess leia actor

Add R2 – life-size functional!   R2 Beeps, Whistles lights up and shares secret messages with the kids and is great for photos.  R2 is life-size and needs adequate space for the show.  Price: $45

Add Leah or New Ray! – great for bigger parties of 20+ kids.  She stays the entire party and ensures more one on one time needed for bigger groups and makes for the bigger parties to run smoother. The girls also enjoy connecting with her!   Price $120


Each basic party includes 10 lightsabers to keep, face tattoos and a special treasure for every child. Basic package accommodates 10 kids. There is a charge of $5.00 for each additional child past 10 kids. For bigger groups over 20 there is a special audio equipment fee.. A travel fee may incur depending on birthday location.

Darth young wizards academysurrey kids birthdayIMG_0057Jedi3Youngwizardsacademy1743622_485280748331136_2434516134085170184_n outdoorjediimg_0904 DarthpicyoungwizardsacademyjedipartiesCool pic

We do offer larger multi character parties, fairs & premier events !!!

Boys night out1, 4.10.15 094 lightup



 One epic adventure!  Contact us today! 778-846-9400.

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