JEDI – Finding the Force Within  – 60 minJediparty

Ages 4-9yrs boys and girls

Cost $275  

Our most popular magic & costumed Jedi birthday party!

Recently the Jedi high council has sensed a great disturbance in the force so master Yoda has put out the call to search for new young Jedi! Meet Obi-Kai Kenobi descendent of Obi-One Kenobi. Obi-Kai a teacher of the force and lightsaber will share his skills and knowledge with the young pupils. Each child will be chosen to train in the ways of the Jedi and receive the official knights robe. Young Jedi’s will be amazed by how objects can move and change by the use of their minds. The Jedi’s are now prepared to receive their own foam saber and go on a quest of a life time deep into the galactic empire! May the force be within you!

The Jedi training is very real!  Young ones using the force for the first time do experience small object movement or other unusual occurrences. The Jedi training changes depending on the age group too.

We come to your home, activity room, common room
rec center, school & local park!


Show Agenda

  • A grand entrance to the Jedi theme music.
  • The action pack story and history of Obi-Kai Kenobi.
  • Holding a real saber handle with glowing Kaiber Crystal!
  •  A Jedi display of Force magic and levitations. Yup, I move objects!
  • The Jedi oath and receiving the robe to wear!
  • 6 Ancient poses created by the masters to help build the force.
  • Obstacle course training & Jedi famous moves.
  • Saber Training – Foam sabers to keep!!!  Spins, jumps and blocking. photo
  • The ancient technique of lightsaber bubble popping.
  • Secret mission adventure to recover the stolen gems! 
  • Grand Finale! One on one duel with Obi-Kai.
  • Action-pose farewell photo-shoot opportunity.

R2D2 IMG_3751 Add a lifesize functional R2 into any Jedi Show!  (Rec Centers only)   R2 Beeps, Whistles lights up and shares secret messages with the kids and is great for photos.  R2 is life-size and needs adequate space for the show.  Price: $45

Each basic party includes 10 lightsabers to keep and a special treasure for every child. Basic package accommodates 10 kids. There is a charge of $5.00 for each additional child past 10 kids. Larger groups no problem contact us for rates.  A travel fee may incur depending on birthday location… This party is a very full hour of action and fun. If in Summer it works best to have the party in the shade if possible.



IMG_2626using the forcejedi battleunnamed222YoungwizardsacademyrichmondkidsbirthdayvancouverYoungwizardsacademykidsvancouverbirthday
Birthday Boy using the Force Magic!

Birthday Boy using the Force Magic!

“You managed to get their attention and keep them focused right away, and you were so entertaining and fun! The kids still talk about the party, they believed in their inner force and even practiced it later at home trying to move small objects around. Thank you for making this special day so wonderful and entertaining!”  Svetla – Vancouver

Pro Tip: Have the kids arrive 15min before the entertainers. That way they can experience the music themed grand entrance.  

Contact us today 778-846-9400!

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