Hogwarts Potions Party –  90 – 110 min

Ages – 5-10   girls and boys   This party has a limit of 18 kids.

Cost –  $375 (10 kids)    Two actors perform in this show. You get everything in the Chamber of Treasure!  The show is now in it’s 5th year running it’s a very detailed theatrical performance/show!

Ever wonder what it would be like to attend your first day at Hogwarts? Find out when Professor McGonagal and Professor Trelawny arrive at your doorstep, ready to transform your home into the Great Hall and Potions laboratory. The kids begin their journey by witnessing the powerful magic of the Professors.  Each child sits under the sorting hat to discover it speaks directly to them, placing them into their Hogwarts house. Each receiving their robe and custom made wand. After the castle bell rings they begin their first class of the day, Wand Training and Defense.  The kids can have a quick snack for recess before meeting Professor Trelawny in the Hogwarts laboratory for Potions Class. Watch them smell and touch the dragon’s tears, flubberworm slime or spider egg ingredients (All natural and safe.) They perform three magical potions in their little cauldrons and beakers.  As the castle bell rings a final time they report back to the Great Hall for a grand finale adventure deep inside Hogwarts.

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Yes, even the older kids 10 and up will totally get into this fully detailed show!

Each party includes 10 custom made wands to keep, temporary tattoos and special treasure for every child. Basic party accommodates 10 kids. There is a charge of $5.00 for each additional wand. For additional children or special requests please call for rates. A travel fee may incur depending on birthday location and for parties over 20 kids there is a special audio equipment fee.

Pro Tip: Have the kids arrive 15min before the entertainers. That way they can experience the music themed grand entrance.  

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