Birthday Parties

wiz-of-atlantis-1Watch children ages 4-6 travel to Atlantis. Where they become an elemental wizard and wear the robe of their element. Get ready to pick a magic wand and shoot it for the first time, they are now ready for an magical adventure deep in the mountains to find a dragon’s cave. What will the dragon egg hold inside for them? Click here for more info.

wizard of atlantis
The gallant and brave Sir Lancelot will bring all the equipment needed to suit up the kids and prepare them for a tournament of medieval games. Will Camelot’s finest survive storming the castle obstacle course and riding their steeds into a jousting match? Your party will be the talk of the round table. Click here for more info.  Can also be Lord of the Rings or Minecraft.

wiz-of-hogwarts-1Kids ages 5-8 experience Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After the sorting hat places your children into their houses in the robe ceremony, kids pick their magic wands and the castle adventure begins. Will they find the Chamber of Treasure? Click here for more info.


hogwarts party vancouver

wand training

Potions party-themes-theme
Our famous Potions Party : Feel the flubber worm slime and create a invisibility potion in this full Hogwarts adventure where two professors prepare your kids for a super hands on experience. Wand training class and potions.  Click here for more info.
 Potions party young wizards academy

jedi-finding-force-1Young Jedi ages 4-9, learn the ways of “the force” and discover that the power within is stronger than they think. See them learn unique Jedi poses and wield the lightsaber. Watch their speed and agility increase with ancient training techniques like saber bubble popping. Can they use the force to discover the hidden plans needed to destroy the Imperial Alliance? Click here for more info.



jedi-finding-finalbattle-2There is a great disturbance in the force!  Darth has discovered the young Jedi training party and vows to put a stop to it!  What he doesn’t realize is the young Jedi have become strong with “the force”. History will be made as you gather your courage to defeat Darth in the final battle. Click here for more info.




Force Within Year 2 Training –  Take it to the next level in the use of a light-up sound activated FX Saber. Learn the techniques and spins you see up on screen. Click here for more info. Ages 9 + only.





Prepare to suit up in armor go through Nerf boot Camp!  Learn shooting & aiming technique’s, then take your training to the pop-up army bases in this all out battle. Click here for more info.





The Potions Professor brings the entire laboratory to your space. Everyone gets the recipes, makes the health product, can even choose to use them at the party and then take them home. No need to provide goodie bags!!  Click here for more info





Learn the most advanced magical training in this three Class Adventure.  Receive and shoot your wand for the first time. Predict future events in Tea Leaf Reading class, then learn the secrets of divinations with a pendulum. Click here.





Prepare to train with the famous Velora Falcon. Learn how to move objects and wield a saber in this powerful, fun and physical experience. Click here for more info.


jediveloravancouverkidsparty1 hunger-games

Nerf Hunger Games Tournament .. Even if the kids haven’t seen the movie they get into this one !  Learn to shoot the bow and arrow with Catniss. Enter into the games and prepare for Catniss to teach you how to survive the Nerf Battle Arena!  Click here for more info.


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