NERF: Strikes Back

Ages 7 & up only

Price: $225   up to 15 kids only

70min adventure.

Get ready to dodge, dive and duck in this ultimate Nerf Training Party.  Meet Captain GI Joe looking for new recruits to join the Canadian Nerf Army Corps.  He’s ready to teach the kids aiming skills, tactical movements and several training games in this Nerf boot camp adventure .  Get ready for the final all out battle at the end!  I bring all the blasters, armor helmets, glasses, training props and two pop up forts!

Bigger battles are behind bases, and competition rounds are organized thus this party doesn’t require massive huge open spaces and fields, it also can be performed in small activity rooms too.  If it rains we can make do with rec rooms and livingrooms cleared out a bit.


What You Get

  • Grand theme entrance of Captain GI Joe!
  • Introduction to the glasses and helmet armor and the three blasters used in action.
  • Mini Boot Camp to get the kids moving and ready!
  • Discussing the Nerf Rules and preparation of the pop up forts.
  • Sniper competition. Who’s the snippiest!
  • Mexican stand off and quick draw contest rounds with the Nerf Jolt blaster.
  • Beacon Hill team tower knock down with Nerf Strong arm blaster.
  • Elimination Battle Royal with Nerf Eliminator! Dodge 25 darts in 30sec!
  • All out battle to the end. Free for all! (Parents can jump in if they would like!)
  • Group & individual finale photo shoot.


I bring all the pop up forts, blasters, armor, safety glasses to your venue.  This party works great in a big cleared out living rooms, rec center rooms, parks and amenity rooms. A good 2o x 20 open space needed. If there is one younger sibling under 7 that is ok I do have an easier smaller blaster that they can use.

nerf nNerf battle birthday

A travel fee may incur depending on birthday location… This party is a very full 70min of action and fun. If in Summer it works best to have the party in the shade if possible.