Meet the Wizards and Witches

Fintan of Atlantis

Fintan, a young wizard from the lost city of Atlantis came from a small farming family. As a child, Fintan began to master powerful magical abilities that would take most wizards at least 100 years to learn. He was the youngest ever accepted into the 1st Royal Atlantis Guard. Fintan left it all behind to follow his destiny and passion to teach children to discover the great powers they all have hidden inside themselves. Fintan joined the Young Wizards Academy in 2013.


Professor Marty McGonagal of Hogwarts

Born in Whitehall, London son of Minerva and Dougal McGonagal. Marty displayed noticeable signs of magic from his earliest hours. As a infant Marty had no control of his Magic and thus inadvertently summoned toys from upper shelves, elevated the family cat to fly it through air and making his mom’s guitar play by itself which would cause Marty to chuckle happily. On his Eleventh birthday he received admittance into Hogwarts. Winner of the Wand today most promising newcomer award. Marty was honored to take a position in the Young Wizards Academy.


Professor Trelawney

The daughter of Sybil Trelawney (Hogwarts Professor of divination), Professor Trelawney showed great powers with divination, potions and crystals. During her studies she fell in love with and married Professor Marty McGonagal. Professor Trelawny loves reading cards, crystal ball gazing, studying the stars, meditating and expanding the minds of children with science and metaphysics. Professor Trelawney is a great believer that all children possess hidden gifts and is passionate about bringing those gifts forward. In her spare time she can be found brewing up new potions with her favourite grey feline friend Merlin.

Potions Professor C. Trelawney


Master Obi-Kai Kenobi

Descendent of the famous Obi-One.  Obi-Kai was hidden as a child by the Windu family during the great Jedi war. By the time he was a teen he was already adept at channeling his force connection. As he progressed in the the new Jedi order, he was acknowledged as having one of the strongest force abilities of all the new Jedi knights.  He was last known to be with the Young Wizards Academy on planet Earth training young Jedi in the ways of the force.



Darth has been known to unexpectedly show up at birthday parties. His dream is to rule and conquer the birthday world but after an epic lightsaber battle he is always excited for a good photo opportunity.


 Sir Lancelot

Lancelot is the son of King Ben of Banwick and Queen Elaine. Knighted by the Great King Arthur of Camelot and was the first knight of the round table. Sir Lancelot never fails in Gentleness, Courtesy and Courage.



Jedi Velora Falcon

Born on Naltalon Velora was quick to come into her powers.  Through her teen years she was often sent to the front lines to defend home planet from imperial invaders. Velora is known through the galaxy for saving her planet. She pioneered and mastered a dangerous new style of saber fighting that changed everything the council knew about training the younglings in saber combat.



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