Nerf Cornucopia with Catnissyoungwizardsacademyhungergames4

Price $250    Special   $240

60-75 min

Ages Tween 7-14 yrs

Our biggest hidden gem of a party!   It makes no difference if they have seen the movie.. Kids get into this big time !

Catniss a skilled archer arrives at your party ready to teach your child how to use a bow and arrow.  Learn the fundamentals of archery with tutorials with target practice. All bow and arrows are safe and easy to use. The kids are now ready to enter into the Hunger Games! All tributes write their name on a piece of paper then Catniss selects each one to receive their district tunic. All tributes then must chase, dodge and jump through a variety of games that give their district points! Let the Hunger Tribute Games Cornucopia Nerf Battle begin!    Each participant runs into the cornucopia to grab their bow and begin firing to see who can be the last victor standing!   May the odds be in your favor.


What you get

  • A grand entrance by Catniss with theme music.
  • The history and story of Catniss Everdeen .e5e75bc8c87ab33e2522d041596d3214
  • Entering into the reaping celebration draw, being placed into your team district.
  • Receiving the Mocking Jay training tunic .
  • Bow and Arrow instruction and training.(safety bows and arrows)
  • Let the 76th Hunger Games begin!
  • Arrow target firing round (safety net)Pic1
  • Tracker Jacker bee tag round.
  • The Hunter eyes semi final game.
  • The Grand finally in the Nerf Cornucopia Battle Arena!
  • The Victor or Victors are Crowned.
  • Action-pose farewell photo-shoot opportunity
  • Receiving your Mocking Jay Pin with Hunger Games whistle goodbye.
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Invite samples

Invite samples

This event can be indoors or outdoors providing that their is adequate size space with number of participants participating.