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trelawney-wand1Learn the most advanced magical training in this three Class Adventure.  Receive and shoot your wand for the first time. Predict future events in Tea Leaf Reading class, then learn the secrets of divinations with a pendulum. Click here.




Potions party-themes-themePotionsparty

Feel the flubber worm slime and create a invisibility potion in this full Hogwarts adventure where two professors prepare your kids for a super hands on experience. Click here for more info.




Welcome to the healing potions class!  Where all the tween and teens learn from the Potions Professor Trelawney how to use all natural ingredients to make fabulous health products with simple ingredients. This scientific spa party is a hit with Tween and Teen girls!  The Professor brings the laboratory to you and you get to leave with the education, recipes and all the products!   Here!




Our most popular tween/teen party!youngwizardsacademeyhungergames7

Catniss a skilled archer arrives at your party ready to teach your child how to use a bow and arrow.  Learn the fundamentals of archery with tutorials, target practice, games and an obstacle course. All bow and arrows are safe and easy to use. For more info click here.






20150925_140722Empower your girl with a Jedi Power Party! You receive everything in The Finding he Force Within package but with Jedi Master Velora Falcon.  Velora brings her unreal magic, saber training and fun to prove the force is powerful within every child. For more info click here.






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