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New Final Battle Video

A recent Jedi battle at Burnaby Charles Rummel Park.  All the kids had a fabulous time learning the ways of the force and performing Yoda’s six potions to help build the force within . They later received their lightsabers and began target training, but it was not to long until Darth arrived and an epic battle began!

Visit today!     Birthday Adventures Await!


New Potions Party Video

Must see video – Young Wizards Academy New Potions Party!

Special thanks to the Fletcher family, Amanda Herst, Cheryl Carew and any others I may have missed.

Thank you!!

New Professor of Potions joins Young Wizards Academy

I am pleased to announce that the Young Wizards Academy has a new Professor!

I give you Professor Cheryl Trelawney, a dynamic teacher in the art of potions, divination and crystals. An original teacher from Hogwarts, Cheryl has joined the team with the belief that every child possesses unique hidden gifts and is passionate about bringing those gifts forward. Expect great adventures with this powerful, new addition to the team……….perhaps a potions birthday party?

Welcome Aboard!


Hogwarts Birthday invitation

This is a Harry Potter birthday invitation that I made for my daughters birthday and have provided to my customers.  If you would like to use this template please email me and I’d be happy to send it to you in a word format so you can adapt it to your son or daughters birthday party details. If you print it on brown card stock then  fold and seal it with candle wax it makes for a beautiful unique invite.  I will be posting it as a link on my site on my next big update.  Thanks


11 things Darth doesn’t want anyone to know.


darth IMG_0664

1. Darth really doesn’t enjoy being hit in the head. Unfortunately the Imperial Emperor didn’t think to pad his helmet.
2. Darth’s helmet can’t come off for two reasons. 1) Breathing is essential to his life and 2) He has nightmares of kids running away screaming when they see his face.
3. Darth has attempted to stay for cake but it causes him a break out in the hives. (He’s gluten free now).
4. Darth has a lot of blind spots. Kids can use this to their advantage, but don’t tell him I told you so!
5. Darth realizes his appearance may be a bit intimidating but he really just feels lonely and wants to have a good time. Secretly he loves a good party.
6. Darth probably won’t make a speech at your party he is the strong silent type.
7. Because Darth wears a lot of black he loves air conditioned rooms and cloudy days. Secretly he loves the sliming effect of black.
8. Darth loves referrals, so tell all your friends.
9. Darth is a night person and often sleeps in and loves to have long hot bubble baths.
10. Darth really likes to have his picture taken but notices that sometimes kids are too scared to ask.
11. Darth can’t be everyone’s father.


Cates Park, North Van the perfect place for Obi-Kai and birthday kids

cates park untitled   Last weekend Obi-Kai Kenobi and twelve newly graduated Jedi invaded Darth’s secret base by rolling under the laser beams, knocking out the security cameras and deflecting attacks from an army of Storm troopers. After conquering all the unexpected twists and turns the kids found the hidden treasure Darth stole from the Jedi council  .  All the kids showed incredible skills with their lightsaber and had a strong sense of the force inside of them.  The ruins at Cates Park in Deep cove proved to be a magical place for big D’s 7th birthday party.


Dylan’s birthday, couldn’t have been more complete.  Marty was hands on.  Very entertaining, “Magical” and most of all…FUN! 

Jason S – North Vancouver

Launching of Young Wizards Academy

I am pleased to announce the launch of .

Are you ready to surprise your child with a themed party full of supernatural magic, action packed wand twirls or maybe even a lightsaber duel to the end? Then look no further. We offer interactive, costumed, magic wielding adventure quests that every child deserves to take. Watch as objects move and levitate, see your child cast powerful spells and witness them become empowered through the use of imagination. All children leave with a beautiful custom made wand or lightsaber along with memories and stories that they will talk about for days and remember for a lifetime.

Call or text today! 778-846-9400