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Nerf Kids Party Vancouver

The Nerf Birthday Party Vancouver. (lower mainland area)

We have a new birthday party at Young Wizards Academy. Get ready to dodge, get ready to duck, get ready to NERF!     Yes, we have launched a new party for this summer called Nerf Strikes back. It’s a 60 to 70min birthday Party Package. I bring everything to the party you just need to provide the location. Rec centers, Parks and amenity room are good size location. If you have about ten kids a good size living room can work as well too.

Here is the description or check out our website The Nerf Strikes Back Page  Nerf Kids Party Vancouver

“Get ready to dodge, dive and duck in this ultimate Nerf Training Party. Meet Young Tan Solo looking for new recruits to join the Nerf Alliance Academy. He’s ready to teach the kids aiming skills, tactical movements and several training games in this Nerf boot camp adventure. Get ready for the final all-out battle at the end! I bring all the blasters, armour helmets, glasses, training props and pop up forts! Tan Solo leads the entire group through the following”

What You Get!

  • Grand theme entrance of Tan Solo.
  • Introduction to the Strong Arm Blaster, glasses and helmet armour.
  • Mini Boot Camp to get the kids moving and ready!
  • Aiming target Competition.
  • Discussing the Nerf Rules and preparation of the pop up forts.
  • Mexican stand-off contest. A classic!
  • Beacon Hill team tower knock down.
  • Last Man Standing Battle Royal!
  • All-out battle to the end. Free for all! (Parents can jump in if they would like!)
  • Group & individual finale photo shoot.

I bring all the pop up forts, blasters and armour to your venue. This party works great in a big cleared out living room, rec center rooms, parks and amenity rooms. A good 2o x 20 open space needed for a Nerf Party. If there is a younger sibling under 7 that is ok I do have an easier smaller blaster that they can use. We travel to you all throughout the Vancouver and the lower Mainland.

A Unreal Nerf Kids Birthday Party -thanks for visiting us today! Check out the link above to enter into our site and see what everyone is talking about at our New Nerf birthday party adventure for Vancouver and Area!

Thanks for the visit   Marty @ Young Wizards Academy

2 Week Spring Birthday Theme Party Sale!!

We have a two week sale of for this spring on two birthday parties ! Finding the Force Within and Chamber of Treasure parties please check out all out birthday parties. Click here ! Young Wizards Academy. $195

Finding the Force Within–  $195


Chamber of Treasure  $195


vancouver birthday party ideas

This is for a limited time offer of two weeks period. If booking in the next two weeks the offer applies to any future booking for up to a period of one year in the lower mainland. Please feel free to call us today to reserve your weekend spot. We do also offer weekday parties as well. Weekday parties in the summer have been popular too. We also offer summer camp rates as well. Please contact us for details. You can check out all our reviews, pictures and video on our site here.   Young Wizards Academy Birthday Parties for Vancouver and all surrounding areas

You can contact us through our website or the phone # provide on the site. We do reserve spots on the weekends for customers for 72 hrs to help them with providing time to arrange venue locations and or time to make sure all guest can come.

We are located in Port Coquitlam and are very familiar with the rec centers in the area. We do most parties in home however. Most of the time we arrive into a home mom or dad has taken out the coffee table and or pushed the couches back.


We take bookings through the week 10am to 10pm. During the weekend we are usually quite busy with parties please wait until we can get back to you on Monday.

Thanks for visiting us today. Young Wizards Academy has been servicing the lower Mainland for 3 years and the two experience actor/ owners have 100’s of parties between them. They have taken great care in providing the most amazing experience for birthday parties and events.

Marty @ Young Wizards Academy

New Girl Power Party for Vancouver and Area.

New Girl Power Party for the Vancouver Birthday Party Scene.

Get ready for a new adventure for girls and boys birthday party theme. Charms Spells & Divinations with Professor Cheryl Trelawney. Click here for our website: Kids Birthday Party Vancouver.


Girl power parties are a new empowering birthday party for girls. All events are led by a female entertainer. Parties are for ages 4 to 12 years old. Sorry we don’t to princesses or fairies.

The Professor will train the kids into their wizarding birthday powers. All the kids get to sit under the sortin hat and see which castle house they will be put into. Yes, the hat actually talks to you! (sometimes the birthday girl has a certain house to be placed into.. no problem 🙂   Next they all receive a wand that they get to keep forever. The Professor will be teaching the kids how to shoot the wand with certain spells. Shooting with a wand for the first time will be under the safe supervisor of the professor at all times. We use a beginner spells with only a light kickback.

The Professor will also walk the kids through the ancient technique of tea leaf reading. Each child finishes their special tea then flips over their cup to then reveal their future.


The Kids also get go through divinations class using a crystal pendulum. What question do you want to be answered?

This birthday adventure can be held in your home, activity room, rec center or common room. All parties are one hour long unless it’s a Potions Party which is a bigger party upgrade. We travel to Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Delta and generally all throughout the lower Mainland of BC.


We currently have 12 different themed birthday parties to choose from please check us out today to make your kids event a very special one to remember forever. Here is some pictures of the themes we currently have in girl power parties section.



Thanks for visiting us today please come again to Kids Birthday Party Vancouver.

Young Wizards Academy

Today’s Parent Magazine lists YWA #1 in Vancouver.

We at Young Wizards Academy are very much honored to be listed Number #1 by Today’s Parent Magazine, under the 10 Best Birthday Entertainers in Vancouver!

Please see the article here

We work incredible hard at birthday parties to provide more than just a birthday show for kids but a real a real experience that the kids go through. Our events are so real that even the older kids get sucked right into the fun. We have consulted and worked with professional prop makers and movie industry experts to produce such a real experience that the kids talk about for days and months. There’s something special about going through an experience and getting to take home your wand, saber or sword.

We now have over 12 themes to choose from with various options to adding a R2 robot to creating a health potion you get to take home and use later. We have been featured by as one of the best parties in Vancouver and just recently by Today’s Parent Magazine listed #1 in the 10 best birthday entertainers in Vancouver article.

We provide birthday parties, holiday events, graduation parties, movie events and other celebrations from Whistler, Squamish, Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Tri-cities and out to Mission. We are located centrally in Port Coquitlam.

Thank you today’s parent Magazine for acknowledging our hard work we look forward to coming out with even more exciting Kids birthday parties to take your next birthday to the next level.

Thanks for visiting,

Marty Carew owner of Young Wizards AcademyKids Birthday Party Vancouver


Top Vancouver Site says Young Wizards Academy is Awesome!


This morning Vancouver’s most popular internet and blogger site featured an article called “4 Awesome birthday parties to throw your kids” and Young Wizards Academy made the top of the list!

Please find the article here:

Young Wizards Academy works hard to create amazing birthday parties and is thrilled to make the list.

Thank you Vancouver is Awesome and a big thanks to all the team members with Young Wizards Academy!

Come see what amazing things are happening at

March 12 2015

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Kids Birthday Party Vancouver

Getting to hold a live saber handle!

Obi-Kai Kenobi will now bring his live mission saber handle with him to every Jedi party.  Don’t worry parents the safety switch is activated and the kids are totally safe!  Obi-Kai always makes sure no kids don’t have their eye brows blown off in their training.

He does activate the crystal inside the saber for all the kids to see the glowing inside components. The crystal lights up and generates the energy to activate the saber, these crystal are not found here on Earth.  Also each child gets to feel and hold the real metal saber handle.  Cool Experience!



Monster Book of Monsters Arrives at Young Wizards Academy

New to every Hogwarts party is the Monster Book of Monsters!   This fun little book has just been added to every  Hogwarts and Potions Party at Young Wizards Academy.   Professor McGonagall just arrived back from the castle this afternoon with this crazy silly book.   Watch your fingers!


Azkaban…Have you Seen this Wizard Photo Stand.

New to  Young Wizards Academy the Azkaban prison photo stand.   This cool action photo stand is included in all Hogwarts parties.   Every child after receiving their robe and wand will have the chance to make a silly face behind this fun photo stand.  Book your Hogwarts adventure today!


New Final Battle Video

A recent Jedi battle at Burnaby Charles Rummel Park.  All the kids had a fabulous time learning the ways of the force and performing Yoda’s six potions to help build the force within . They later received their lightsabers and began target training, but it was not to long until Darth arrived and an epic battle began!

Visit today!     Birthday Adventures Await!


New Potions Party Video

Must see video – Young Wizards Academy New Potions Party!

Special thanks to the Fletcher family, Amanda Herst, Cheryl Carew and any others I may have missed.

Thank you!!