Summer Camps

 Action Themed Adventure Camp 2016 

SummercamplogoForce Within Summer Day Camp

Ages: 6- 10 years (5 year olds if enrolled for September school)

Dates:  July 18 – 22  2016    Closed

Times Drop off: 8:30am -9am   Pick Up : 3:30pm-4pm

Location:  208-1515 Broadway Port Coquitlam. (Yoga Studios & Kilmer Park)

Does your child have a passion with all things Star Wars? Do they dress up as their favorite character and watch the cartoons and movies over and over again? If so, Young Wizards Academy is proud to offer its Force Within Summer Day Camp!sabereye

Our camp includes all of the basic training a young Jedi needs. Children get to create their own Jedi character, develop their balance and coordination through fun Jedi training games and experience becoming an action hero.

Kids begin the day at the Force Within Temple where they learn agility and movements and learn the force from the masters. As the day unfolds they experience walking through Endor Forest where they arrive at a beautiful Jedi training grounds where they continue their training with a rope obstacle course and games to build their skills. It’s now time to go on top secret missions through the forest!  An ultimate imagination adventure camp!!

Activities through the Week:

Character Development – Kids get to create their very own Jedi character name, origin, special ability. They create their very own power action and practice it in movement & dueling.

Master trials – Kids learn to walk, jump and spin like a master. Experience fun yoga and stretching to prepare their body’s and minds to prepare them for the rigor’s of the day.  Also learn cool games that teach them how to be still and not be detected on missions.

Saber Training – Several types are sabers are used throughout week. Kids begin with the foam saber and20150810_110324 work their way up to FX Illuminated saber then they must also learn the double extendable blade saber. There is out door saber movement classes and one cool indoor glow in the dark saber class. Kids learn how to twirl and spin their saber like their favorite character.

Forest Missions – Teams will have a mission briefing then lead by a master to go on certain missions to retrieve objects, search for clues and symbols, and defend borders from invaders using their saber…… Not all people in the forest are on the light side!    Prepare to battle you must.

NEWNERF Aliance Blaster Training. Target practice, capture the flag & team base battles.

Education and Development -Force building arts & crafts. Learn first hand knowledge of the galaxy far far away. Yes, we have some of the coolest action figures and ships for some cool down time.20150812_131251

Leia’s light Blaster Laser Tag Target training, team and individual round robin tournaments. Get ready to wear your laser tag armour and equipment and enter into the arena with your team!

Ceremony– Reciting the oath, receiving their camp T-shirt, earning daily and weekly prizes. We are putting on a grand final graduation ceremony!!. (Parents welcome to come watch!)

Surprize visits from their favorite charters. Prepare for battle!

***The instructor’s are always sensitive to using age appropriate activities. Children are grouped into their age and level of comfort. For example young groups will use more foam sabers, lighthearted silly games and missions. Older kids may go on more physically exerting forest missions & battles.20150811_134755

Force point system: The Force is strong with those that are kind! Kids are awarded force points when they show or preform kind gestures like holding doors open for others, picking up garbage, being kind to others. Points tallied for daily prizes.



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“My son went to their summer Force Within Camp and he loved it!! The staff was great, very professional and loves kids!! Even after two weeks of the camp being over, my son is still talking about it and has now started training his little sister the same way his Master Obi Kai and Princess Leia did! I will never forget the look on his face when he finally used the force!! You guys rock!! ”  

K. Vernon – Pitt Meadows

Main Camp Staff – All staff are screened by Young Wizards Academy, Criminal record checked

obi-kai kenobi  Marty Carew – Obi-Kai

Marty has over 15 years working with kids from the YMCA Camps to Cruise Ships.  He has 10 years training in Tai Chi, 18 budda hands and Self Defense. 7 years Burnaby School Board Special Educational Assistant Teacher & Owner of Young Wizards Academy.


Amanda – Noba Girlpowerpartyideas

Amanda has 3 years as a Certified Health Care Assistant & Child Care Worker.First Aid certified, Actor with Young Wizards Academy,  4 years kids basketball and soccer coach.


20150925_140722Cheryl- Velora

First Aid certified, 12 Years First Aid Instructor for Canadian Ski Patrol,  Certified BCRPA Yoga Instructor, Actor with Young Wizards Academy, teacher & 10 years working with special needs individuals. Laser tag blaster extraordinaire!



Camp registration is now open for 2016  !!      Only 18 spots open for July  18th-22nd Session

This is currently the only Session open.

Camp Price $350     Before July 1st 2015   $325


5 Full Days…. Times:   Drop off: 8:30am -9am   Pick Up : 3:30pm-4pm


To confirm registration please

1.Print off and fill in the forms.(see below)

2.Mail or drop them off with a check and a picture of the child.

Please make out Checks to:  Young Wizards Academy

Address:   YWA Camps

#10-2310 Ranger Lane

Port Coquitlam BC  V3B 0K3


FORMS :  YWAcampforms


Questions please feel free to ask the

Camp Coordinator

Cheryl Carew

Force Within Studio (Tola Yoga) #208 1515 Broadway Port Coquitlam

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Camp minimum 10 or more or camp will be cancelled if minimum not achieved. Full refund will be returned.

All Characters are Generic:
We wish to express it is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. All characters are generic costumes and are not affilated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark.