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Looking to have an amazing themed birthday party? Check no further. We have 12 themes to choose from. Our most popular are the Potter series of parties. Young Wizards Academy has lots of cool ideas to give you for making that special day fabulous! Have you considered hiring a children’s birthday party entertainer, Young Wizards Academy has 3 different amazing potter themed birthday parties to choose from. We have done a lot birthday parties throughout the Vancouver & Lower Mainland and a Potter themed event is very popular. Hiring magician and entertainers to your party can make that day very special, we bring all the props, costumes and wands for the kids. All wands are custom made and different to each other, all the kids get to keep their wands at the end of the party!

Three potter parties to choose from:

Chamber of Treasure                              60 min Adventure

Potions Party                                              90 min Adventure

Charms Spells and Divinations           90min Adventure


All three Birthday or event parties can be performed in your home, activity room or rec center amenity room.  In all the parties the kids get to keep their wands and other cool treasures found on secret missions

These are full costumed event parties for the kids,  We bring all the robes, wands and Props and magic to the party you just provide us with the space.  These are very full and engaging parties all characters are very trained in there character . It’s a very interactive show for the whole group even parents. Parents are welcome to dress up to.

hogwarts party vancouver

wand training

Even if they haven’t seen any of the movies no worries the kids get very sucked into it 🙂

potions partyPotions party young wizards academy

Potions party does need a water source nearby,  the Professor bring an entire laboratory to you. Potions parties do have two Professors in the show.    Please feel free to check out the rest of our website and the 12 themed birthday parties. Each party is good for both boys and girls but check out online which would be best for your child

We travel to where you are!

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