Nerf Kids Party Vancouver

The Nerf Birthday Party Vancouver. (lower mainland area)

We have a new birthday party at Young Wizards Academy. Get ready to dodge, get ready to duck, get ready to NERF!     Yes, we have launched a new party for this summer called Nerf Strikes back. It’s a 60 to 70min birthday Party Package. I bring everything to the party you just need to provide the location. Rec centers, Parks and amenity room are good size location. If you have about ten kids a good size living room can work as well too.

Here is the description or check out our website The Nerf Strikes Back Page  Nerf Kids Party Vancouver

“Get ready to dodge, dive and duck in this ultimate Nerf Training Party. Meet Young Captain GI Joe looking for new recruits to join the Nerf Alliance Academy. He’s ready to teach the kids aiming skills, tactical movements and several training games in this Nerf boot camp adventure. Get ready for the final all-out battle at the end! I bring all the blasters, armour helmets, glasses, training props and pop up forts! Captain Joe leads the entire group through the following”

Winter months Rec Centers, amenity rooms and cleared out living rooms works great!

What You Get!

  • Grand theme entrance of Tan Solo.
  • Introduction to the Strong Arm Blaster, glasses and helmet armour.
  • Mini Boot Camp to get the Troops moving and ready!
  • Troop roll call and salute.
  • Discussing the Nerf Rules and preparation of the pop up forts.
  • Mexican stand-off contest. A classic!
  • Beacon Hill team tower knock down.
  • Last Man Standing Battle Royal!
  • All-out battle to the end. Free for all! (Parents can jump in if they would like!)
  • Group & individual finale photo shoot.

I bring all the pop up forts, safety glasses, blasters and armour to your venue. This party works great in a big cleared out living room, rec center rooms, parks and amenity rooms. A good 2o x 20 open space needed for a Nerf Party. If there is a younger sibling under 7 that is ok I do have an easier smaller blaster that they can use. We travel to you all throughout the Vancouver and the lower Mainland.

A Unreal Nerf Kids Birthday Party -thanks for visiting us today! Check out the link above to enter into our site and see what everyone is talking about at our New Nerf birthday party adventure for Vancouver and Area!


Thanks for the visit   Marty @ Young Wizards Academy