2 Week Spring Birthday Theme Party Sale!!

We have a two week sale of for this spring on two birthday parties ! Finding the Force Within and Chamber of Treasure parties please check out all out birthday parties. Click here ! Young Wizards Academy. $195

Finding the Force Within–  $195


Chamber of Treasure  $195


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This is for a limited time offer of two weeks period. If booking in the next two weeks the offer applies to any future booking for up to a period of one year in the lower mainland. Please feel free to call us today to reserve your weekend spot. We do also offer weekday parties as well. Weekday parties in the summer have been popular too. We also offer summer camp rates as well. Please contact us for details. You can check out all our reviews, pictures and video on our site here.   Young Wizards Academy Birthday Parties for Vancouver and all surrounding areas

You can contact us through our website or the phone # provide on the site. We do reserve spots on the weekends for customers for 72 hrs to help them with providing time to arrange venue locations and or time to make sure all guest can come.

We are located in Port Coquitlam and are very familiar with the rec centers in the area. We do most parties in home however. Most of the time we arrive into a home mom or dad has taken out the coffee table and or pushed the couches back.


We take bookings through the week 10am to 10pm. During the weekend we are usually quite busy with parties please wait until we can get back to you on Monday.

Thanks for visiting us today. Young Wizards Academy has been servicing the lower Mainland for 3 years and the two experience actor/ owners have 100’s of parties between them. They have taken great care in providing the most amazing experience for birthday parties and events.

Marty @ Young Wizards Academy