New Girl Power Party for Vancouver and Area.

New Girl Power Party for the Vancouver Birthday Party Scene.

Get ready for a new adventure for girls and boys birthday party theme. Charms Spells & Divinations with Professor Cheryl Trelawney. Click here for our website: Kids Birthday Party Vancouver.


Girl power parties are a new empowering birthday party for girls. All events are led by a female entertainer. Parties are for ages 4 to 12 years old. Sorry we don’t to princesses or fairies.

The Professor will train the kids into their wizarding birthday powers. All the kids get to sit under the sortin hat and see which castle house they will be put into. Yes, the hat actually talks to you! (sometimes the birthday girl has a certain house to be placed into.. no problem 🙂   Next they all receive a wand that they get to keep forever. The Professor will be teaching the kids how to shoot the wand with certain spells. Shooting with a wand for the first time will be under the safe supervisor of the professor at all times. We use a beginner spells with only a light kickback.

The Professor will also walk the kids through the ancient technique of tea leaf reading. Each child finishes their special tea then flips over their cup to then reveal their future.


The Kids also get go through divinations class using a crystal pendulum. What question do you want to be answered?

This birthday adventure can be held in your home, activity room, rec center or common room. All parties are one hour long unless it’s a Potions Party which is a bigger party upgrade. We travel to Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Delta and generally all throughout the lower Mainland of BC.


We currently have 12 different themed birthday parties to choose from please check us out today to make your kids event a very special one to remember forever. Here is some pictures of the themes we currently have in girl power parties section.

Potions Professor C. Trelawney

Potions Professor C. Trelawney


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